YOPP supersites

YOPPSiteMIP data are now restructured

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The YOPPSiteMIP data are restructured. The Merged Model Data Files (MMDF) have been harmonised in directory structures and naming conventions and organised in a parallel structure to the Merged Observatory Data Files (MODF). Both MODF's and MMDF's are discoverable through the search interface (recommended access mechanism). Direct access to files is provided through https://thredds.met.no/thredds/arcticdata/yoppsitemip.html.

Changes in the Data Access URLS for YOPP Site MIP data - UPDATED

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The MMDF YOPP Site MIP data available within the data catalogue are currently undergoing a restructure, including changes of data access paths and changes in file names to achieve a higher level of harmonisation.

From Friday December 8th until Monday December 18th, the data will not be available through the search interface.


Merged Observatory Data Files

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The team creating the Merged Observatory Data Files (MODF) to be compared with the Merged Model Data Files (MMDF) of the YOPP Site Model Intercomparison (YOPP SiteMIP) activity are working hard to complete files. Some test files have been made and will be made dicsoverable in the catalogue, these files will however be replaced with updated versions in the near future so please do not use these files for publications yet. Please wait for the updated files. The files are however good for tesing purposes although they have some issues.

Updated version of the H-K Table

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An updated version of the H-K Table was published today.  Version 1.2 corrects time variables that were present in the Version 1.1 pdf but not the json files; adds a variable for upward_air_velocity; tweaks attributes for a few existing variables (see the Lineage section for details); and adds license and citation information.  Many of these changes came about due to discussions associated with last week's hands-on workshop in Stockholm; thanks to all who helped in this fashion!

The H-K Variable SchemaTable developed for the YOPPsiteMIP (1.1)

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The YOPP Supersite-Model Intercomparison Project (YOPPsiteMIP) is linking observations from selected land-based observatories and ship-based field campaigns with high frequency co-located outputs from numerical weather prediction models during the Special Observing Period during the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP, May 2017 to June 2019).

YOPPSiteMIP data from Meteo-France

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Meteo-France has a FTP site with all YOPPSiteMIP data produced. Further information is provided in the attached PDF document. These data will eventually be included in the YOPP data catalogue, but in the mean time they are also available directly from the FTP site.

Server ftp://ftp.umr-cnrm.fr/
Username yopp
Password Arpege

NRL has contributed YOPP SiteMIP data from Navy-ESPC

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The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has committed data from the Navy Earth System Prediction Capability (Navy‐ESPC) to YOPPSiteMIP datasets. the data are directly available at https://thredds.met.no/thredds/catalog/alertness/YOPP_supersite/navy-es… and addition of discovery metadata to the YOPP Data catalogue is in progress.

Arome-Arctic YOPPSiteMIP data available

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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has uploaded YOPPSiteMIP data for YOPP supersites Ny-Ålesund and Sodankylä that are within the geographical domain of the Arome-Arctic model. Data are searchable and also directly available at: