How to contribute YOPP SiteMIP data

By steingod | Wed, 02/10/2021 - 13:04

Detailed information on the YOPP SiteMIP activity is available at The focus of this information is how to provide YOPP SiteMIP data, observations and model output, to the YOPP data portal. These data will be hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and served through a THREDDS Data Server enabling OPeNDAP access to the data.

Model data has to conform with the Merged Model Data Files (MMDF) and observations with the Merged Observatory Data Files (MODF). Both MMDF and MODF are variants of the NetCDF Climate and Forecast Conventions.

Descriptions of these formats are available at:

  • MMDF
  • MODF (pending)

It is important that files submitted to the YOPP SiteMIP activity conforms to these format specifications. Furthermore, in order to efficiently generate discovery metadata which makes these data discoverable in data portals, a number of global attributes needs to be present in the NetCDF files submitted. An overview of the elements required are provided at If in doubt on how to fill in these elements, please ask for support.

When you are ready to submit data, please contact the YOPP Data Portal. Bulk upload is done using scp through a dedicated server for the MET Arctic Data Centre. In order to get access, fill out