ECCC YOPP SiteMIP data available

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has developed the Canadian Arctic Prediction System (CAPS). CAPS has been runned in operation at the Canadian Meteorological Service in experimental mode since February 2018. Prior to the 28th of June 2018 (included), CAPS was runned uncoupled, whereas since the 29th of June 2018 (included), CAPS was coupled with the Canadian Regional Ice and Ocean Prediction system (RIOPS). CAPS time-series are produced for 12 Arctic supersites: Barrow, Oliktok Point, White Horse, Eureka, Iqaluit, Alert, Summit, Ny-Ålesund / Zeppelin, Pallas / Sodankyla, Baranova, Tiksi, Cherskii. For each supersite, time-series up to 48 hours lead-time are produced for a beam of 7 x 7 grid-points centered on the supersite, with a frequency of 7.5 minutes. The ECCC-CAPS Arctic supersite timeseries are publicly available via the YOPP Data Portal.