Implementation and testing

The YOPP Data Portal is currently under implementation. Content and functionality may be unstable in this phase. The OGC Web Map Service isdisabled in the testing and will be reactivated once it works properly.

YOPP Data Portal

The YOPP Data Portal is the entry point for YOPP datasets. It offers a web interface that contains information about datasets (through discovery metadata). These metadata are harvested on a regular basis from data centres actually managing the data on behalf of the owners/providers of the data.

Task Team

The YOPP Task Team is developing the YOPP Data Portal, creating and overview of user requirements, developing interoperability guidelines, and operations manual. The current structure of the team is:


In order to guide the YOPP community on sharing data through the YOPP Data Portal a number of documents have been developed. The most important ones are:


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