YOPP Data Portal

By steingod |

The YOPP Data Portal is the entry point for YOPP datasets. It offers a web interface that contains information about datasets (through discovery metadata). These metadata are harvested on a regular basis from data centres actually managing the data on behalf of the owners/providers of the data.

The YOPP Data Portal utilises standardised interoperability interfaces to metadata and data in order to provide a unified view on the datasets that are relevant for YOPP activities. It relies fully on the support from data centres contributing to YOPP as no data is handled within the portal itself, just metadata providing discovery information on the datasets and how to access them. In its simplest form, the YOPP data portal allows unified search across the contributing data centres. If the interoperability at the data level is sufficient, the portal may offer integration of datasets.

Some datasets are also hosted by the YOPP Data Portal at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.