Updates to the search interface and the catalogue

This weekend the YOPP Data Portal backends were updated to take advantage of a number of improvements in the search interface. In this process,  synoptic weather station information extracted from WMO GTS have been added to the catalogue. These stations are normally presented as time series at stations. The search interface now allows plotting and transformation of these data on the fly. As this is a net centric service, beware that depending on the network traffic and the response time of the contributing data centres web services this may take some seconds.

Work is in progress to support other types of data from GTS as well. Currently radiosoundings and ships are extracted, but not fully prepared for ingestion. The radiosoundings currently only supports standard levels. Alongside this the web service for plotting and transforming data is to be extended with support for profiles (e.g. soundings and ships) as well as parent child relationsships in datasets harvested.

Currently there is no information on the original data provider except through the WMO ID. Work is in progress to modify this. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute prepares data for easy use, but only a subset of the stations presented are actually operated by the institute.

Timeseries plot from Hopen.