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Options for Publishing YOPP Datasets

The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) encourages good data management practices among the YOPP-endorsed projects, and facilitates the documentation and discoverability of datasets through the YOPP Data Portal. This article aims at providing guidance on the options that researchers doing YOPP-related work have for publishing their data.

YOPP SiteMIP data from DWD

DWD ICON data are now added to the catalogue of YOPPSiteMIP datasets. Direct reference to the searchable metadata is provided at and the data are directly available at

Arome-Arctic YOPPSiteMIP data available

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has uploaded YOPPSiteMIP data for YOPP supersites Ny-Ålesund and Sodankylä that are within the geographical domain of the Arome-Arctic model. Data are searchable and also directly available at:

SL-AV YOPP SiteMIP data available

The HydroMeteorological research Center of Russia has made YOPPSiteMIP data from the SL-AV model available for YOPP supersites.